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Imagine the actress Naomi Watts dressed up to look like Princess Diana. You get the picture.   Read Story »
The New York Post attempts to explain how so many stars got involved in this awful-looking comedy that none of them wanted to be in or promote. In theaters Friday!   Read Story »
I imagine it must be very difficult for an actor to take on the task of portraying the life of a deceased person when there are going to be many people who actually knew that person watching you and…   Read Story »
Naomi Watts is starring as Princess Diana in the upcoming Princess Diana biopic, Caught In Flight, and today -- by all accounts an historic day -- the first photo of her in her Princess Diana stuff…   Read Story »
Woody Allen's new movie, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, trailer, you guys: If I had to synopsize this movie in two sentences, they would be: What are those old people so upset about? And:…   Read Story »
Do you ever eat foods that you know you don't like, just to remind yourself why you don't like them? I think that's a good thing to do sometimes! The worst case scenario is that you might momentarily…   Read Story »
France is great. It's a beautiful country with a long, rich history (God that is a dull thing to say, no matter how true). The food is great (duh), the wine is great (duh), and their influence on…   Read Story »
The Dark Knight was great, there's no confusion there. But we have now officially entered the phase where every movie tries to get a little taste of that dark magic. Now, it's one thing for other…   Read Story »