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So, the second season of The Killing aired on AMC last night with a special two-hour episode and you could open up your window anywhere in America and hear the screams of joy and excitement, I'm…   Read Story »
Hollywood is taking another shot at turning Neil Strauss's awful book into a movie. Kind of wish they would just bring the reality show back instead.   Read Story »
Dear AMC's The Killing, Hi! How are you? First let me just say that I am still on board with you. I know I teased you last week about some of your inconsistencies, but the truth is that I love a…   Read Story »
Oh, hey, did you guys watch the two-hour series premiere of The Killing on AMC last night? It was...OK? The Killing is based on a Danish TV series, I guess, called The Crime. Which is a really good…   Read Story »
There is no Pick Up Artist reunion episode. But there is a video from the "Official" Pick Up Artist season 2 finale viewing party, which was a reunion of sorts. The cast is all there for Simeon's…   Read Story »
After eight long weeks, the students have become the masters. If by students you mean nerds, and if by masters you mean nerds in disguise. After Greg The Liar's shocking elimination last week, it's…   Read Story »
There is no Sexual Quickfire Challenge this week since it's down to the final three. There is only one challenge, and it is the most dubious and uncomfortable yet. More dubious and uncomfortable than…   Read Story »
As we all know (every single one of us), the winner of Season 1 of The Pick Up Artist, Kosmo, turned out to be a struggling actor named Alvaro Orlando, who had an online acting reel and everything.…   Read Story »
It's down to the final four: Rian, Greg, Simeon, and Matt, also known as Crybaby, Plant, Yikes, and Jew. I don't really think Greg is a plant, I GUESS, but I do feel like it would be way easier to…   Read Story »
This week, Mystery explains that the boys need to work on their "verbal DHVs," because all of their games are lacking. Wait, all of a sudden saying "Did you guys see the fight outside?" and "My…   Read Story »