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Kelly: Hey, Gabe Kelly: Happy new year! Gabe: Happy New Year, Kelly Gabe: are you still drunk? Gabe: from three weeks ago? Kelly: Yes Kelly: But I have been drinking since then? Kelly: So it…   Read Story »
For a very serious and, above all, real journalist, there is nothing quite as exciting as the moment right before you bust a totally major story WIDE open. "The calm before the shit storm" everyone…   Read Story »
So, uh, there is a very scary noise "happening" right now. Outside. Of your house maybe? (Or NOT happening, if I can be honest for a moment, because give me a break with this nonsense, but also if I…   Read Story »
Did you guys know that the World Series is actually a series of games and not just one final "Super Bowl" type of game at the end of baseball season? That fact is crazy both because it flies in the…   Read Story »
You know how Rob Lowe's hair has been long and kind of always sweaty looking on this season of Parks & Rec? Very gross and distracting, they should put a bag on it? Well, there is a reason! And…   Read Story »
Here is some footage from a webcam mounted outside of an astronomical observatory in Hawaii. It's of a thing that nobody knows what is. Right? I'm pretty sure that's exactly how you say that…   Read Story »
The KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich is real.   Read Story »
OH NO, SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO MATTHEW PERRY'S HAND! Tragic news. Somehow, though, I don't think it's what he says happened to it. From Yahoo!: The actor admits he spends days on end glued to the…   Read Story »
Apparently, last night "hundreds of thousands of people" on the Eastern Seaboard witnessed a bright flash of light accompanied by a loud boom. The National Weather Service looked into it and it…   Read Story »
Videogum friend Amy Blair is annoyed at the unrealistic number of loaves of French bread in the mom's car in the ubiquitous "Dad takes picture of daughter's teddy bear while on business trip" AT&T…   Read Story »