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These are photos of Danica McKellar, perhaps best known as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, on the set of an Avril Lavigne music video. It's funny, you know. There's a psychological study that I am…   Read Story »
We just received an email from a reader that simply said "New Limp Bizkit Video!" along with a link to the video, so obviously there's a lot of excitement in the Videogum community for this video and…   Read Story »
Paul Thomas Anderson directed the new Fiona Apple music video. On the set he was probably like, "I. DIRECT. YOUR. MUSIC. VIDEO. I DIRECT IT UP!" Get it? Like in that movie? About milkshakes? Lots of…   Read Story »
College Humor took the music out of Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" music video and the result is still a very good video (that video is very good).   Read Story »
Behind the scenes on The Great Gatsby. -ONTD Just a week after his first reddit AMA, Ethan Hawke is back being asked more anything with Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater. Just a charming bunch.…   Read Story »
I can only imagine how hard this song was for D4NNY 2 write, but sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for your art, especially when it comes to banger summer jams like this one. Besides, you have…   Read Story »
Considering that the last two songs formed a darkly epic pair about the time that James killed Mike's mom and then shot Mike, it is nice to see the most violent rap beef in the game getting squashed…   Read Story »
Eric Wareheim directed another video for Major Lazer. You can watch that. Or you can watch Action Bronson do improv comedy. Or you can watch both. Or neither. Life is full of choices.   Read Story »
I'm never impressed with people's revisionist history arguments that suggest there was some previously halcyon period in our collective past that was better than the world we live in now. The steady…   Read Story »
This is the only thing that has ever mattered. (No offense to Froggy Fresh. You are still my main man.) But also Y.N.RichKids 3 LYFE! So so so dope. (Thanks for the tip, Rob.)   Read Story »