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A trailer has surfaced today for a show that MTV made before they made Jersey Shore called Bridge and Tunnel, which is basically the same show but for some reason they didn't air it and they just…   Read Story »
"Hey, what if we sucked all of the charm, cleverness, and fun out of the Teen Wolf franchise and turned it into a dim and fake-brooding teenage melodrama that feels like a ramshod rip-off of the…   Read Story »
MTV is looking for more cast members for the second season of Jersey Shore. It could be you! Ew, is it you?!   Read Story »
MTV announced this week that it was officially dropping the "Music Television" tagline from its logo. Fair enough. It has been so long since that network actually aired music videos that there aren't…   Read Story »
This will be the last I complain for the day about the logistical nightmare that my life has become. Seriously, these guys know what I'm talking about: "I hate cholera, and when my 17" MacBook Pro…   Read Story »
Videogum friend and fellow Jersey Shorehead Rich Juzwiak, in addition to writing the popular and great blog fourfour, also writes the VH1 blog, which is why he is at the Viacom building today, which…   Read Story »
MTV announced this weekend that it was pulling the scene from this week's episode of Jersey Shore in which Snooki gets punched in the face. From US Weekly: "What happened to "Snooki" was a crime…   Read Story »
A national Italian-American organization has announced that they find the upcoming MTV show Jersey Shore to be "offensive" and "trash television." Well, duh. From the AP: FAIRFIELD, N.J. - A…   Read Story »
MTV confirmed yesterday that they were moving ahead with their announced Teen Wolf remake TV series. Oh, great news! I'm going to crush a beer can on my forehead in celebration in the hopes that the…   Read Story »
Perfect. Let's hope they give it some of that Joe's Apartment magic. Also a Jamie Foxx sketch comedy series? More like GTV! (Because Geniuses.)   Read Story »