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It's hard to know what to say in moments like these -- days you knew were waiting for you at the end of the road, while never really allowing their inevitability to sink in. As James Taylor once…   Read Story »
In New York and Los Angeles, large groups of young people have banded together to protest one of the largest crises the world is facing at the moment: Syrian repression impossible cuts in education…   Read Story »
If there's one thing MTV does really well, it's pinpointing what a large segment of the TV-viewing population wants but has yet to be provided elsewhere. It's why they're the #1 TV network! It's why…   Read Story »
They're here, THEY'RE HERE! (Though the Red Bull Award nominees remain unannounced.)   Read Story »
Listen up, GEEKS! Have you ever wanted to be as famous, appreciated, and admired as the cast of the Jersey Shore? And have you ever wanted to go on a reality show specifically looking for geeks under…   Read Story »
It's so hard to exist in this world. People are always trying to talk to you and you have to think of something to say back to them, and you have to pick out clothes to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY, and…   Read Story »
Are you all having a good Monday? Probably not, right? BOOOOOO. Mondays are the worst! To cheer you up, here is a photo of a baby dressed up as the old man from Up. Someone's got a case of the…   Read Story »
Did you guys catch the maybe Breaking Bad reference in Walking Dead last night!? Hopefully zombie Jesse will show up next. "I'M A ZOMBIE." -Zombie Jesse -NYTimes Want to listen to Mindy Kaling read…   Read Story »
Oh, goodness. I want to say basically nothing about Occupy Wall Street, because I know close to nothing about Occupy Wall Street and I'd rather not say anything about something that I do try to know…   Read Story »
Remember last year when it was announced that Justin Beiber would be taking over for Ashton in MTV's reboot of Punk'd? No? Kind of? I kind of remember it being a thing, and apparently it is still a…   Read Story »