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Did you watch the Glee school shooting episode? Was it gooooooood? -WarmingGlow In case anyone is going to be watching the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, NextMovie has put together an MTV Movie…   Read Story »
Emma Watson, the young star of the Harry Potter movies and also maybe she was in one other movie I think, will be given the honorary MTV Trailblazers Award this year at the MTV Movie Awards. From…   Read Story »
The thing about working at a blog for long enough is that you can start to talk about how you don't understand why a certain basic cable Awards program continues to exist long after it had any…   Read Story »
It is well known that the MTV Movie Awards are the single most important celebration of the art and grandeur of film that we currently enjoy as a modern society. It's simply an honor just to be…   Read Story »
Here we are again, everyone: This Week In GIFs. I can't believe we're here already! Did someone Click remote us here? If so, can I have your Click remote? I really, really want one. I'll pay you! I…   Read Story »
Last night was the 214th annual Twilight Presents: MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Jason Sudeikis. Finally, the awards show we've been waiting for all year. The Blahscars of the Z.1 generation. Really…   Read Story »
Paris Hilton, a paragon of class, taste, and good decision making skills, has confirmed that she was the original target for the Eminem-Bruno prank at the MTV Movie Awards but she politely declined,…   Read Story »
I'm no Eminem fan, but even a hater like myself can recognize when the object of her contempt is going way overboard to try to convince the world that he's finally grown something resembling a sense…   Read Story »
James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem attended the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Not as the celebrated leader of a great band that he is, but as Aziz Ansari's semi-anonymous plus one. And then he blogged…   Read Story »