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More pics of Courtney Stodden and her loving dad. Awww. -BuzzFeedCeleb An Animated St. Vincent Covers A Bob's Burgers Song -Vulture Portlandia's movie theater serves arugula salad, italian soda…   Read Story »
Bill Murray is sporting an amazing moustache these days. Proof: this cell phone pic of Bill's moustache & Bob Newhart! -SeriouslyOMG Gov. Chris Christie's Letterman doughnut gag: what a gag.…   Read Story »
Hey girls, can I ask you something? Totally not trying to be weird, we're all girls here, but what are you wearing right now? Pajamas? Sweatpants with leggings underneath and your boyfriend's…   Read Story »
The fact that the one financial market Mr. T knows about is the gold market is obnoxiously on the nose. DIVERSIFY YOUR SCHTICK, FOOL.   Read Story »
After pulling their "crazy-homophobic" violence-against-speedwalkers ad last summer, Snickers and Mr. T are back with a brand-new addition to the "Get Some Nuts!" campaign. It's weird!: Wow, those…   Read Story »
"Rap is a way of saying 'knock knock.'" "Who's there?" "It's me. Open the door and listen to what I've got to say." [ED. NOTE: no, it's not.] (thanks for the tip, Edith) The People's Movement to…   Read Story »
I can't tell you how many times I've thought to myself "ENOUGH WITH THIS KITCHEN, WHERE IS A MACHINE FROM MR. T THAT I CAN USE TO MAKE GARBAGE FOOD." Just kidding, I can tell you how many times. Zero…   Read Story »
Now that the offensive Snickers ad in which Mr. T shoots an alleged gay with a gatling gun from the back of a pickup truck has been pulled from circulation, it's time for the former wrestler, member…   Read Story »
This funtimes mash-up is called "Saving Private Snickers," and it satisfies! (Sorry.) (via GorillaMask) Snickers, of course, got in some trouble a couple of weeks ago when they made an ad…   Read Story »
This is an ad for Snickers (via Gawker). We'll talk about it in a second. Bzzzzzzzzt. Something in my brain just exploded. Exploded to the MAX. On the face of it, this ad is crazy homophobic, but…   Read Story »