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Bradley Cooper has been known to make waves with his hair news, but we've NEVER seen anything like this before: Bradley Cooper at the beach, not making hair waves (or beach waves) with a blue t-shirt…   Read Story »
To One Major Dad To Another, Oh boy. Well, here we are. Just to put things into perspective, when we launched Videogum on April 8th, 2008, George W. Bush was still President of the United States.…   Read Story »
Hahaha. AHHHHHHHHH. These photos come from ONTD where there is SOME kind of explanation for what is going on here, but is an explanation really necessary? It's Leonardo DiCaprio and ranking Pussy…   Read Story »
Good grief. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all of the new Mr. Cool Disguises! It feels like hardly a day goes by without some celebrity escaping everyone's notice by dressing up like…   Read Story »
It's getting harder and harder to keep up with all of the Mssrs. Cool Disguise these days! Everyone wants to get in on the act. Alec Baldwin, of course, is trying to avoid the PAPS (I call them…   Read Story »
This is a paparazzi photo of Kate Hudson walking with her friend, Matt Bellamy, in what is clearly a very strong contender for the title of Mr. Cool Disguise. Hahahhaha. Uh, take it easy, Matt…   Read Story »
We've encountered a number of masters of disguise over the years, but all of them, to date, have been men. There was, of course, the original Mr. Cool Disguise: Charlie Sheen. And who could forget…   Read Story »
You know how celebrities are always saying that the thing that they want the most is a blowjob from a real life mermaid to just be able to go out in public for once in their lives without being…   Read Story »
As the Daily Mail UK reports, Matthew McConaughey hung out the other day on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, wearing this..."mask" and a bandana, supposedly to cover his celebrity mouth.…   Read Story »
First Charlie Sheen was Mr. Cool Disguise. Then Spencer Pratt was Mr. Cool Disguise. Now, the title of Mr. Cool Disguise goes to Mel Gibson for this excellent disguise. Very good disguise, Mel…   Read Story »