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This is what the Iron Throne would have looked like George R.R. Martin had his way. Bigger and made of sticks. "Oh maaaaaaaan. I wanted it bigger and made of sticks thooougghhhhhuuggh!"…   Read Story »
Just a good Mad Men synopsis. -PopCultureBrain Jessica Winter wrote about James Gandolfini for Slate. It's a nice piece, if you're inclined. -Slate At the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday…   Read Story »
In our tireless effort here at Videogum to report on every major public marriage proposal uploaded to the Internet, there is always a possibility that there may be a public proposal, or elements in a…   Read Story »
Drive, you guys. So good! OR WAS IT?! No, it was. But a woman in Michigan (the Florida of the North) is suing the film's marketing company for false advertising. Sounds pretty airtight, your honor.…   Read Story »
Welcome to Me-ahmi! Hola, beautiful, independent young women who know that they don't need to rely on a man to fulfill their hopes and dreams but that a man can make a really great partner for…   Read Story »
Are you ready for your weekly dose of movie trailers? I hope so, because you're going to get them even if you aren't ready. I'm sorry! But we do this every Friday. You should have known to prepare…   Read Story »
What a whirlwind of emotion this trailer is. I think somebody deep inside big Hollywood is intentionally trying to combine things I love and things I hate to create an island of Dr. Moreau style…   Read Story »
Don't know if you guys noticed, but A LOT of movie trailers premiered today! There were at least 100 new movie trailers (give or take). The reason for this, of course, is that today is National Movie…   Read Story »