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I don't know who this person is. Her name is Trisha, though, and she also goes by the name Grindhouse Barbie, and I don't want to look any deeper into who she is right now because you know why. I…   Read Story »
"Here’s what you will need: a bunch of video-game platforms; DVDs of “Shutter Island,” “Kill Bill,” “Burlesque” and “Shrek”; some back issues of Maxim; a large bag of crystal meth;…   Read Story »
Here is a hedgehog's review of Battle: Los Angeles. My review of the film will be up later in the day, but I have to say, I agree with many of the points that she makes.   Read Story »
Introducing the Roger Ebert Club. Honestly just one of the better clubs out there right now.   Read Story »
Well, the day has finally come. Dwayne Johnson's The Tooth Fairy is IN THEATERS NOW. It's hard to believe that the months of sweaty, borderline-painful anticipation are over. The film currently has…   Read Story »
Everyone is posting their reviews of Michael Jackson's This Is It today. You can find the reviews using Elizabeth Taylor loved the movie so much she Twittered about it (the highest form…   Read Story »
Well, it is finally here. The movie that nobody was waiting for. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, a sub-sub-par Hangover* with no stars based on a shitty blog. Perfect! Hollywood was like, "we're…   Read Story »
This child who reviews movies on YouTube calls himself sexman and while he's waiting for that name to have any kind of meaning at all, he discovered swear words! Here is his review of Jumper (via…   Read Story »