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It comes as little surprise that so many of the quotes in this thing (which is great, btw, good, job, Lawnmower Man) come from Worst Movie nominees. And Nicolas Cage has a point, Hollywood, [hurting]…   Read Story »
Hey, I love movies. We all do! That's why I put together this video with some of my favorite famous movie quotes. Enjoy! Wow, so many famous movie quotes! But I'm sure I missed a few famous movie…   Read Story »
It is time for me to head to the airport and get on an airplane and fly (that's right, FLY!) back to sweet, sweet New York City. Goodbye California! I will miss your abundant produce and sunshine,…   Read Story »
The Telegraph UK (via TheDailyWhat) has the results from an on-line poll of the Top 10 Movie Misquotes. This is a perennial favorite for the pedantic film buff. These are all the iconic movie quotes…   Read Story »