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Isn't it weird when you're driving and you look to your right or left, and the Shia LaBeouf driving the next car is staring right back at you? It happens just about every time. So weird. #life (Via…   Read Story »
Tell your boss you're taking the morning off. This is all a bit too much. (Via TWBE.)   Read Story »
You can't always predict what your "thing" is going to be. Like, are you going to be the guy who never has his shoelaces tied, or the guy who can almost always guess what time it is without even…   Read Story »
Motorcycles are incredibly scary. ("____" is incredibly scary. -Kelly) Recently I was dining al fresco (impressive) and I heard a crash sound behind me. I looked behind me and a guy had fallen off of…   Read Story »
Or, at the very least, he died doing something else, but he was buried doing what he loved.   Read Story »