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This was actually a pretty big week! We had the first presidential debate of 2012. Krispy Kreme appeared on Tosh.0. We finally asked the question: what IS Katherine Chloe Cahoon? Courtney Stodden…   Read Story »
Good news, everybody: Bam Margera's herpes sore that he claims to have gotten when a naked woman broke into his house and masturbated in his bedroom before being arrested has cleared up. OH THANK…   Read Story »
Oh my God, we didn't even talk about the iPhone 5 today! Just kidding. I mean, we didn't. That was not a joke. We really didn't. But what is there to say about it? Something about maps? Cool. Work it…   Read Story »
A Monsters' Ball from the sky? Well now I have seen everything! Seriously, though, the sky is crazy, you guys. It's soooo high up. And other fascinating observations. Hey, good week, everyone. Let's…   Read Story »
Every couple of years around this time, some readers seem to get a little bit frustrated with the amount of political content on the site, and I can't say that this year is going to be any different.…   Read Story »
Labor Day Weekend! Breaking Bad finale! Labor Day Weekend! Breaking Bad finale! Labor Day Weekend! Breaking Bad finale! Labor Day Weekend! Breaking Bad finale! AHHHHH! Let's all meet back here on…   Read Story »
Just as a friendly reminder, we put up a post at the end of the day yesterday about how Videogum is now accepting (a better word would be considering) open submissions, and also asking you guys for…   Read Story »
Wow, what an exciting week we've had! I'd like to again thank Caroline Creaghead, Dave Hill, Starlee Kine, Dave Holmes, and Andrew Ti for their guest editing this week. Unselfishly because their…   Read Story »
It's funny how quickly you get used to things. Like, when you get a cold or the flu and you just cannot even remember what it was like to be a healthy, normal human being. And then when you get…   Read Story »
After the jump, the five Highest Rated comments, as voted on by you, the Lowest Rated comment, the winner of the Free Bates Caption Contest, and the Editor’s and Associate Editor’s…   Read Story »