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As you may have noticed, the comment voting system is finally back up and running. Phew! As they say, "When God closes a door, he leaves it closed for a few weeks and makes you think that you're just…   Read Story »
Eleblog in the room: The comment upvoting and downvoting system is still not working! LOL! I promise that we are still working on it ("we" = not me and Gabe, DON'T WORRY) and that it will be back at…   Read Story »
As many of you know, Videogum's comment voting system has been on the fritz ever since Wednesday's zero-out. It's been a tough time but thank the Lord in Heaven that we all have each other to get us…   Read Story »
Obviously, this has been a difficult week for all of us as we continue to mourn the passage of our friend, Hugo Chavez. There is little that we can do other than accept our grief, lean into our…   Read Story »
So, here's the thing: life is hard and things happen. We all know that, it has been almost TOO well documented. This week, nothing about any of that changed and both of those FACTS remained as true…   Read Story »
Oh man, how about that nightmare cruise this week, you guys?! What a nightmare! Although I do love this video of two 12-year-old survivors of the nightmare cruise describing it with the kind of…   Read Story »
If you are on the East Coast, you are currently preparing for a horrible storm, and if you are in southern California you are scared that a cop will just randomly empty his entire gun into your car…   Read Story »
As tough as this week has been (and also just right off the bat: my apologies to the people of Egypt, Mali, Mexico City, Pakistan, and Brazil for even using the word "tough." That is obviously the…   Read Story »
After the jump, the five Highest Rated comments, as voted on by you, the Lowest Rated comment, the winner of the Benedict Cumberbatch As Julian Assange Caption Contest, and the Editor’s and…   Read Story »
Guys, this is the place where I occasionally dump some crappy college-level deep thought that would embarrass Jack Handy, and this week I've got another one. Basically, I was just thinking about how…   Read Story »