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How was your day today? Mine was bad! I'm sick! I know I already talked about it, but it's all I can think about! Waaahh, waahh! At the very least, though, I am not Jonah Hill, who got paid the SAG…   Read Story »
Well. You did it, sir! No one can say that you didn't do it. That is just the truth. (Via ViralViral.)   Read Story »
Yesterday, the world was rocked by a RED HOT FEUD taking place between Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone on Twitter. What was the feud (one-way tweets) about? The world could only wonder and wait.…   Read Story »
You: Did you watch my video? Your Friend: Yeah. You: Can you believe it?! Your Friend: Can I believe what? You: That pretty much no one would take the money! FREE MONEY and they wouldn't take…   Read Story »
It's always nice to learn something almost slightly new-ish about the world you live in. For example, just when you thought you understood how much money syndicated Seinfeld episodes made (almost all…   Read Story »
"I think it's wonderful that, as of November 1st, legal tender (along with official stamps) will be released in New Zealand with characters from The Hobbit on it to commemorate the release of the…   Read Story »
Hey, this will be fun! Ok, what you have to do here is think of all the celebrities you can think of and then determine which one of those made the most money in the past year. That's the game. Ok,…   Read Story »
This is the latest poster in the Breaking Bad Art Project, from Phantom City Creative. It is neat. Breaking Bad coming back soon, can't w8 2 watch! -SlashFilm Want to know who the highest-paid…   Read Story »
So here's a question. What do you do when you need money? Well, ok, let me maybe explain the scenario a little further. So, you have no money. Ok? And you want to buy things like gas and a necklace…   Read Story »