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This video celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Postal Service was directed by Tom Scharpling and stars Jon Daly and Moby so that's that.   Read Story »
Math! Suck trailer, you guys: It was only a matter of time before Hollywood tried to capitalize on the current vampire craze by trying to branch out into Emerging Vampire Markets. "We have got…   Read Story »
Last night's 450th episode of The Simpsons was nothing special. It was a pretty tame and laffless story about Krusty the Klown, although I suppose one could draw some kind of topical meaning from the…   Read Story »
Even if you don't watch 30 Rock (?!), you can almost definitely find a recording artist to be excited about in this clip from the end of last night's season finale. It's more fun if I don't name…   Read Story »