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Cameron Crowe has made some good movies, yes, but not in awhile. Say Anything? Very good! Singles? OK, sure. Even Jerry Maguire is totally decent for what it is. But I was not a huge fan of Almost…   Read Story »
The Hawthorne Country Day School is a long-running program in the New York area dedicated to educating children with serious disabilities. From their website: The Hawthorne Foundation is a…   Read Story »
A few years ago, I went to a barbecue and someone brought a b.b. gun. Obviously. We stood out on the back deck shooting cans off the railing, and it was agreed that I was so good at shooting a bb gun…   Read Story »
What? It's called music. Look it up. (Thanks for the tip, Seth.)   Read Story »
This morning, I was riding the subway (that's right, ladies) and there was this gang of dudes sitting in the corner around a giant cooler, all wearing shorts and flip flops and tank tops, with…   Read Story »
Summer does not officially start for another few weeks, if you want to be a jerk about it. Old Man Calendar Police over here. But the weather has finally gotten pretty nice (donate to victims of the…   Read Story »
This video is NSFW. So don't watch it at work. WATCH IT AT THE BARBECUE! Headphones UP. Eyephones UP. Let's be honest, this song/video probably would have qualified as a Spring Jam after the…   Read Story »
Who invited God to the barbecue? Just kidding! WE ALL DID! Beer me, God! (Via FourFour.)   Read Story »
Is it in reality "star" contracts that they MUST record a horrible song? Is it like a legal requirement thing? Because WHAT is UP? Oh well, sorry, guys, SPRING'S RUINED.   Read Story »