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Here are some Game of Thrones photos from Entertainment Weekly. -EW Nick Offerman (yaaayy) was on Jay Leno last night (boooooo) and here is talking about how much Chris Pratt can eat. (Yaaay.)…   Read Story »
Jared Leto has no eyebrows at the moment, but you can't even notice! Totally weird. Truly a testament to how normal he looks otherwise. -BuzzFeed Matt Lauria talked to The Hollywood Reporter…   Read Story »
Mr. and Mrs. Cool Disguise go for a stroll. -Dlisted Judd Apatow is Conan O'Brien's guest on this episode of Serious Jibber Jabber, and I have not watched all of it because it is very long, but I…   Read Story »
Here is a young David Lynch meeting a forever young Vincent Price. That's all. Look! -DangerousMinds Continuing in the current trend of artists, specifically Aimee Mann, creating comedic music…   Read Story »
And so here we are. This has been exhausting! Like, really really exhausting! Not that it's even over kind of. I mean, it is over. But there is still tonight! With the hanging out with friends and…   Read Story »
U guyz, I luv celebs this list is real important. From DeadlineHollywood: Adam Pally AG Kamala Harris Aisha Tyler Alexis Bledel Alfre Woodard Angela Bassett Anne Hathaway Armando…   Read Story »
With Mitt Romney's relentless insistence on co-opting Friday Night Lights into his campaign platform, it makes you start to think about how he watches TV. What are our favorite shows like through…   Read Story »
Is anyone else tired to the point of tear-stained exhaustion? I know it can't just be me and this little girl. Between the election and the storm and Halloween, it's too much! Sometimes you just want…   Read Story »
You know what's weird? One week from today this whole election thing will just be over and we will know who won and we will have a president for another four years and life marches on. I know that's…   Read Story »
Unfettered by push-back from those involved in the show, nor the fact that he is definitely not Coach Taylor, Mitt Romney continues to never ever stop saying the thing from Friday Night Lights as if…   Read Story »