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"Chew the hell out of it otherwise it will tear up your intestines" seems like a pretty outrageous thing to have to tell your child after feeding him something, but also this family seems perfect, so…   Read Story »
During last night's State of the Union (how's the hospital, by the way? Stomach all pumped?) Barack Obama talked about all kinds of important and meaningful stuff, I'm sure. But the only thing anyone…   Read Story »
This is just a very good collection of Got Milk ads from the ages. Gary Shandling! Jonathan Lipnicki! Billy Zane's THE SHADOW!?! #DONDA   Read Story »
Uhhhh. Well, OK, let's start at the beginning: it is already weird that there are ads for milk. Right? Are there really that many people out there who have not heard of this whole milk thing? Or,…   Read Story »
We live in a dangerous, complicated world spinning wildly out of control. At the moment, America remains entrenched in two foreign wars. Our economy struggles to recover from one of the steepest…   Read Story »
E-Trade responds to Lindsay Lohan's spurious lawsuit against them for their milkaholic baby commercial by filing legal paperwork filled with blog quotes about how Lindsay stinks. I know it's only…   Read Story »
There is no worse advertiser than milk. As if it wasn't bad enough that their product is blamed for all kinds of things like childhood obesity and drug-resistant MRSA infections, they seem never be…   Read Story »
The type is a little hard to read here, so I've transcribed it: Pee Marks the Spot My power to regenerate might be top secret but my ability to pee my pants is simple. Milk has protein to help build…   Read Story »
Obviously, I'm going to join a Facebook group called "Mickey Rourke Was Robbed," because I know that's a valuable use of my time. I just hope the group updates regularly with lots of new information…   Read Story »
The TV Guide Channel (whatever that is) hired Joey Fatone to cover the red carpet at last weekend's SAG Awards, NATURALLY, and he proved that he is now and will forever be your boyfriend. Here he is…   Read Story »