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Funny or Die released the poster (a few days ago) (I'm sorry!) for their upcoming Steve Jobs movie, iSteve. You can read about it here! The movie, not the poster! The poster is just normal.…   Read Story »
In 1990, Matt Groening doodled on a bunch of napkins and gave them to a waitress at Bennigans. Now, because the Internet exists, you can see them too! Look! -HyperVocal John Mulaney was on HuffPost…   Read Story »
Inspector Spacetime, the Doctor Who-y show that is referenced on the show that will maybe be back on NBC sometime, Community, is getting its own web series! Great? I don't know who is going to watch…   Read Story »
This girl can sneeze with her eyes open and she took a video of herself doing it and it is very strange. The method she uses to get herself to sneeze is ALSO very strange. The whole thing is strange.…   Read Story »
Comedian Mike Birbiglia was a roaster at a Nantucket Comedy Festival roast of the comedy team Jerry "Ben's dad who was also on Seinfeld and The King of Queens" Stiller and Anne "Ben's mom who was…   Read Story »
A new episode of The Michael Showalter Showalter, you guys, with comedian Mike Birbiglia. I think the host of this show was right and that guy should have just done his bits. That's why he even…   Read Story »