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Here is a Drive car air freshener with Ryan Gosling on it and seemingly no background info so let your imaginations run wild, EVERBODIES! -BWE Someone made an action figure remake of Raiders of the…   Read Story »
I'm not sure if you guys watch Bill Cunningham's "On the Street" videos regularly like you SHOULD, but you should at least watch this one! About Halloween! And then remember to watch all of them in…   Read Story »
Michelle Williams is very pretty as Marilyn Monroe in the newest Vogue. Ladies, don't you wish you could be blonde for just like a day, if you aren't blonde already and don't want to dye your hair…   Read Story »
Here's an article and slideshow about the influence of Star Wars on contemporary graphics culture. Lots of different kinds of nerd stuff going on here I think you're all going to enjoy this.…   Read Story »
One aspect of the Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time that seems to be perennially confusing to people is the fact that any movie is a possible nominee. Taste is subjective, and one man's Trash…   Read Story »
First, of course, I'd like to take this time to announce last week's Breaking Bad t-shirt winners: Rachel Malya Blady! and Lee Hux! Yay! Congratulations to you both! I hope you don't BREAK your…   Read Story »
Penny and the Quarters, the group behind the song that Ryan Gosling gives to Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine, have a very interesting story. You should read it! (And you should watch Blue…   Read Story »
If you ask me, this looks better than True Grit. Go ahead! Ask me!   Read Story »
Whoa! I knew being white was hard, but it is about to get so much harder!!!! There are two new trailers out this week for two new movies that are about to show us what it's like when people stop…   Read Story »
I'm still excited about seeing Wendy And Lucy, especially with all the commenters who thought it was amazing, but trusted blogger Thighs Wide Shut gives me a little pause (paws? groan!) about the…   Read Story »