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What is the best story you have about being someone's plus one to a party? The story about when you had a few decent interactions with strangers -- I mean, definitely not great, but you got through…   Read Story »
Ugh, I knew it. So predictable. OF COURSE IT WAS JAMES THE WHOLE TIME. I hate James so much, it makes me sick. I hope someone pushes HIM off his bike and into a pile of trash. [Vincent Price laugh.]   Read Story »
As we go through our days, it's always possible that we may run into something that will tempt us to lose control over our emotions or bodies: A traffic jam, an annoying coworker, a dent in your car…   Read Story »
Worlds have always been had colliding throughout the ages. Admittedly, this picture is a little intense because at first you're just like, Fuck Yeah Childhood Dot Tumblr Dot Blog! But then you sort…   Read Story »
As we head out into the weekend, it's important to remember that it doesn't matter if we're perfect. So what if our outfit isn't the best outfit at the party. So what if we didn't have the most…   Read Story »
Hey! It's Friday! Strap all your dolls to your bodies and dance to Michael Jackson with them perfectly, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! (Via OHYST.)   Read Story »
We can't all perform elaborate dance routines at our weddings with our goatees and our beautiful wedding parties and our hats, but we can all certainly join in the spirit of it all with a quick dance…   Read Story »
This video would fit in well enough with what the Internet is trying to achieve no matter what, but what really makes it special and puts it over the edge is the fact that it was released in the…   Read Story »
You'd think that because Rashida Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton that she would have had sort of a special childhood. Probably one full of sips of champagne and big cigars and…   Read Story »
Gooood morning Videoguuuum! Get it? The boy from that video where he catches a fish would like you to please wake up. He would also like you to use today to dance and make faces like no one is…   Read Story »