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FX announced earlier today that it has ordered a comedy pilot starring Zach Galifianakis and written by Zach Galifianakis and Louis C.K. Hey! -TheWrap Speaking of FX, Michael Cera and John…   Read Story »
We might have missed Batkid day on Friday because we might not have been here, but that doesn't mean we can't still fill up our hearts with it and enjoy it now! Right?! -FilmDrunk Hey, Michael…   Read Story »
Oops, a poster for Diana had to be removed from Princess Diana's death site. :-/ Whoops whoops whoops! #mondays -FilmDrunk “B*TCH” -- Michael Cera -Stereogum Musical comedy duo Garfunkel…   Read Story »
Sherlock Season 3 teaser trailer! Twenty-six of the vaguest and most exciting seconds on the web this morning. -/Film Might Michael Cera be the most interesting actor of his generation? Noah…   Read Story »
Here is the first image (or, the first poster) from Spike Lee's Oldboy remake. I haven't seen Oldboy, but it looks like it's about a man wearing sunglasses inside of a treasure chest? I can see why…   Read Story »
Would you like to have Tig Notaro perform in your home for her Showtime special? Well too bad! Just kidding! It's possible that you could have this. Not likely, if we're going to be honest with…   Read Story »
Michael Cera's new short film for the YouTube channel JASH is called "Failure" and also stars Aubrey Plaza. If you like what I like, you're going to like it! -MichaelCera James Franco is looking…   Read Story »
I know that we always save movie trailers for Friday and that today is barely even Wednesday*, but can we make an exception for the Magic Magic trailer? Pleeeeeaaase? It's a psychological thriller…   Read Story »
Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Courteney Cox reunited on Ellen and made a bunch of lame Friends jokes. Does that mean they're going to make the movie finally?!? Guys?!?!? -Pajiba Forbes says…   Read Story »
What a treat, a promo poster for Wheels Ontario: Season Two. -JonDaly Scandal's John Barrowman has been named host of ABC's upcoming singing competition reality series Sing Your Face Off, which…   Read Story »