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Your Friend: Oh, your photos are so cute! What are you guys dressed up as? You: Thank you! We're dressed up as the characters from the show Breaking Bad. Your Friend: Oohh, sure, sure, I've heard a…   Read Story »
Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad (a pretty good show you might want to check out!), was on The Colbert Report last night. Here are parts one and two.   Read Story »
Q: If a drug dealer who makes meth with her son is also a math teacher, is that enough to classify their scenario as the "real-life Breaking Bad"? Even though the only similarities are that she…   Read Story »
Darren Aronofsky's anti-meth PSAs are the most horrifying PSAs since Canada's workplace safety PSAs! Definitely probably not going to try meth now. I mean, the peer pressure would have to be VERY…   Read Story »
Some of us are not watching this because some of us are still in the middle of season 2 (some of us know, some of us know) but those same people probably recognize how this would be VERY interesting…   Read Story »
The lowest common denominator has been found in humans, and it's whatever it is about this video of a drunk, possibly toothless, probably meth-addled woman spouting off about her political views that…   Read Story »
What The Fountainhead is for aspiring architects (and aspiring assholes), Anti-Meth campaigns are for youngsters who hope to one day work in advertising. There seems to be no "meth = bad" angle left…   Read Story »
Can you believe the ingenious second season of The Human Giant is over tonight? In this clip from tonight's finale, the guys take the media's obsession with meth, meth in Montana specifically, and…   Read Story »