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Imagine being asked to appear on the Today Show in order to talk about your work with, and to spread awareness of, the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, which works to "build a…   Read Story »
From Gawker: "While discussing the resignation of San Diego mayor Bob Filner, who's been accused of sexual harassment by 18 women, criminal defense attorney and Deadly Sins host Darren Kavinoky took…   Read Story »
I wish this clip was 10 hours long. I could watch it forever! Just a gaggle of dodos speaking with incredible confidence about absolutely nothing at all. When Harry Met Sally? OH, YOU KNOW, THE AGE…   Read Story »
Dear Women, Please don't take offense to what I'm about to say. As a women myself, I understand the desire to not have any interests, goals, or hobbies. Once you have a man in your life there's…   Read Story »
Did you guys know that the World Series is actually a series of games and not just one final "Super Bowl" type of game at the end of baseball season? That fact is crazy both because it flies in the…   Read Story »