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Oh, who are we kidding, there was never any dilemma and nobody is waiting all the way until next Thursday to watch 30 Rock. The management of pop culture expectations is a solemn and sacred…   Read Story »
Just got word that NBC has moved up the online premiere of 30 Rock to 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific. The episode will go live in exactly 30 minutes at this direct link.   Read Story »
At 3pm Eastern,12pm Pacific time today (exact time scoop!), NBC will put the full premiere episode of 30 Rock's much-needed Season 3 online simultaneously on Hulu and The "real" premiere on…   Read Story »
Whoa, here's the trailer for Children's Hospital, Rob Corddry's upcoming web series for the WB. It has, like, half the funny people in the world in it, and the trailer is narrated by Stephen…   Read Story »
According to the National Enquirer, there's talk of a Will And Grace spinoff starring Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally called Karen And Jack, that could air on NBC as soon as next fall. It's not as…   Read Story »