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Yesterday, Fangoria (Fangoria still exists? Nice. A round of applause for Fangoria, everybody!) released a new picture of Megan Fox looking like a demon from the upcoming movie from Diablo Cody's…   Read Story »
All week long, a rumor has been circulating on the Internet that somewhere on the world is a home video of Megan Fox washing Michael Bay's Ferrari. The story would have it that before he cast her in…   Read Story »
Admittedly, the title of this post would probably just squeak out a passing grade at Readable Blog Post Titles That Make Sense School. Or maybe not! FAIL. Sorry. But, so, Jennifer's Body red band…   Read Story »
Looks like someone was the keynote speaker at the That's What She Said Conference.   Read Story »
WHAT was THAT? Going into Transformers 2 this weekend, I had every expectation that it was going to be loud, stupid, and very very long. But for the first 30 minutes or so, I was on board. Sure, it…   Read Story »
It almost seems weird to even have a Videogum Movie Club this week, but we have to do something! What are we going to do, sit around and cry forever? Maybe. But you can cry in movie theaters. They…   Read Story »
The little boy asked his mother if she would take him downtown where they were filming a scene for Cameron Diaz's new movie, The Cougar Trap, and she told him that she would if he finished his…   Read Story »
And he is actually kind of great.   Read Story »
Kodak is offering a reward to anyone who can help them reunite Megan Fox with that "sweet boy." And then what? Marriage probably. Forever.   Read Story »
There's a reason he's called Roger Ebest. Read the whole thing. Here.   Read Story »