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Jonah Hex trailer, you guys: Working title: Van Helsing 2: Deadwood. I will still probably see this, no duh, and almost everyone in the cast is either very talented or very Megan Fox, but…   Read Story »
The first issue of Duh Aficionado magazine in the new year is a return to the publication's mission statement: "NO DUH." Today's story involves a certain actress's hilariously insane nightmare…   Read Story »
There is a long article in this weekend's Sunday New York Times Magazine about Megan Fox (read it here). Very timely, New York Times. Catch that wave! Megan Fox so hot right now four months ago.   Read Story »
Michael Bay has announced on his website that not only will he be shooting a third Transformers movie (FILE UNDER: no doy) with Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf reprising their roles as the two people in…   Read Story »
Well, that happened fast! So, as you know, Saturday Night Live premiered this weekend with host Megan Fox. I thought it was a pretty good episode! Lots has already been written about it, and the…   Read Story »
Whoa, you guys, I don't know if you've noticed this, but Megan Fox is ssssssssssssssmokin'! (The Mask, now available on VHS and DVD.) Yeah, I just realized that Megan Fox is super hot and it's weird…   Read Story »
Let's be honest, there is nothing funny or clever about this, just as there will be nothing funny or clever about the movie for which this is a limp viral marketing ploy. Parodies of PSA's are tired…   Read Story »
Oh the Internet and its games. These old bones can hardly keep up! Last week, some website decided that yesterday, August 4th, would be "A Day Without Megan Fox" day, or something. I guess the idea…   Read Story »
WASSUP POGS! Yo, as you probably heard on da grapevine, this week is Comi-Con, which is the world's greatest place for all of the coolest posters for movies that won't come out for three years.…   Read Story »
For so many reasons. But also for this reason: Megan Fox tells the story of their first meeting (via FilmDrunk): The first time I ever met him, I was 15, and I was an extra on Bad Boys 2. We were…   Read Story »