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For what it's worth, I like this new trailer a lot better than this old trailer, but either way I think this movie is going to be pretty funny. Congrats, ladies, you did it!* *Heartfelt and…   Read Story »
Um, am I even allowed to talk about this? I'm not, right? There isn't much that is off limits in this world anymore, but I think the rules are that I'm not allowed to say anything really about Tyler…   Read Story »
Has anyone talked to Justin Timberlake? Because he didn't show up for his part-time job Saturday night. (Groan.) The SNL finale was fantastic! Will Ferrell was in top form, and the show copied the 30…   Read Story »
The trailer for Away We Go, written by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, directed by Sam Mendes, and starring Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski as wandering parents-to-be on a journey of…   Read Story »
Since writing a "defense" of NBC's spinoff of the popular Australian sitcom Kath And Kim last month in which I realized that the main reason I watched the show was to try to figure out why it exists,…   Read Story »
Today FunnyOrDie put up it's most star-studded video ever, Prop 8: The Musical. It's almost impossible to make things like this this funny, so it's okay that they took an entire month. It…   Read Story »