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Another weird episode! This one was directed by John Slattery. Should he direct more things? I'll leave that to Judge Judy to decide. But there were some very odd moments, like Pete's face dissolving…   Read Story »
I was never a big fan of the dream episodes on The Sopranos. It was always, like, oh look, Tony's talking to a fish because something something the ghost of Big Pussy aren't dreams weird?! It felt…   Read Story »
First of all, let me just say that last night's episode of Mad Men was much better than the season premiere. I think this is mostly because last night's episode felt like the show we have all come to…   Read Story »
Mad Men's fifth season is almost here, thank goodness, after a wait that has felt like DECADES. Actually I'm lying about what it felt like because I've only recently gotten caught up on the last…   Read Story »
AMC and Matthew Weiner have finally reached an agreement, and Mad Men has been renewed for multiple seasons! Multiple seasons! Oh thank goodness, for a moment there I thought all of showbiz was about…   Read Story »
Don is having a secret meeting with the guy from Heinz trying to get some business so that the firm doesn't close. The guy from Heinz explains how hard it is to get the word out about beans when…   Read Story »
Peggy's at the beach. (REMINDER: Mad Men season 4 takes place in the year 1965, before the world was covered in water and our only remaining memory of beaches was of burning fields of endless…   Read Story »
Joan walks into Roger's office. ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT? She locks the door and says they need to talk. DO THEY NEED TO TALK ABOUT DOING IT? Oh wait. No. They already did it. And now they have to…   Read Story »
Chicago Magazine has an essay from Myra Janco Daniels, who was married to an advertising executive named Draper Daniels, who was (at least partly) the inspiration for Don Draper. Hello!   Read Story »
Don Draper's got an important business call. He's all business. "Buy! Sell! We need to close this deal and I won't take no for an answer. You're fired." Oh, wait, that's not the head of General…   Read Story »