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"An iconic moment in history, recreated for the film Zero Dark Thirty, is now recreated in Peeps." "They wanted to show the scene without diminishing the importance of SEAL Team 6's mission."…   Read Story »
Matthew Weiner spoke with the New York Times about "The Phantom," Mad Men's season finale, and answered every question plainly and fully and now everyone is on the same page about it, just kidding!   Read Story »
Well, OK. For the most hit-or-miss season of Mad Men thus far, last night's season finale makes perfect sense. Oh, it was still a great season of a great television show to be sure, but it took a lot…   Read Story »
Last night, a friend who hasn't seen any of the most recent season of Mad Men googled "Mad Men," or something, to find out what season they're up to (Season 5) and in .5 seconds had the entire season…   Read Story »
HOO BOY. Before we even get INTO it, you guys might remember in the run-up to this season there was that bus poster ad that featured a "man" mannequin in a smoking jacket sitting in a chair looking…   Read Story »
I stand by my assertion 1000 percent and will LAY DOWN MY LIFE in its defense that the first double-length episode of this season of Mad Men; was just straight up Bad Television. The pacing was off,…   Read Story »
Don is back! Right? Don is back! He took his jacket off, so that means he's back! (Joan is also back, I think. She threw a model airplane at a secretary, so she's back.) Oh, and Kinsey is definitely…   Read Story »
That episode felt kind of all over the place, didn't it? This season has felt a bit different from any other because each episode has held a close focus on only a few story lines, but last night we…   Read Story »
Yes, last night's episode featured a pretty decent Pete plotline (although it ended on a kind of cheesy note. That was a cold-hearted revenge fuck if ever I have seen one, so what is all this weepy…   Read Story »
Last night's episode was a good episode although it had a couple of real clunkers. This season of Mad Men kind of makes me want to go back and start over from the beginning to see if there were…   Read Story »