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Check out the progress on Detroit's Kickstarter-funded Robocop statue. (Hint: It's progressing!) -FilmDrunk Matthew Perry attended an LA Kings hockey game recently and a reporter accidentally…   Read Story »
I guess Courteney Cox had a cameo on an upcoming episode of Brett Gelman's Go On this week and tweeted a photo of herself with her former Friends co-star Matthew Perry. OK! I mean, I bet for the two…   Read Story »
TGI Chandler. Everybody's workin' for the Chandler. (Via Interweber.)   Read Story »
Vanity Fair has an extensive oral history of Friends that you can currently read on-line. It's mostly a behind-the-scenes look at how former president of NBC Warren Littlefield and Jennifer Aniston…   Read Story »
Please watch Alison Brie and Dani Pudi's video for the song they wrote that is my favorite song of all time. -Dan Eckman Oh and speaking of, here's your first look at the next season of Community!…   Read Story »
In this morning's Entertainment News, both Matthew Perry (The Whole 10 Yards, Serving Sara) and the comedy team Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant have secured pilots for new TV shows. It's a feud! I mean,…   Read Story »
OH NO, SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO MATTHEW PERRY'S HAND! Tragic news. Somehow, though, I don't think it's what he says happened to it. From Yahoo!: The actor admits he spends days on end glued to the…   Read Story »
There's a new trailer for 17 Again, the movie where Matthew Perry wakes up to find out he's 17 again and Zac Efron. I think it looks kind of potentially funny, thanks to Tom Lennon and Leslie…   Read Story »
The Friends movie rumor is out there again and it's a holiday week so everyone is acting like it could be real, so I'll act like it could be real: Cast members Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox,…   Read Story »