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While you might find it hard to imagine Mattew McConaughey as a lawyer, it's weirdly very easy to imagine Ryan Phillipe as a violent date rapist who would hire Matthew McConaughey as a lawyer. Huh!   Read Story »
As the Daily Mail UK reports, Matthew McConaughey hung out the other day on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, wearing this..."mask" and a bandana, supposedly to cover his celebrity mouth.…   Read Story »
Sorry, Europe and Canada, but Hulu still has what it takes. Tiptoes, Matthew McConaughey's and Gary Oldman's big drama about a little family is available to watch now for free. America #1!   Read Story »
Tiptoes star Matthew McConaughey appeared on Good Morning America today to promote his stupid-but-not-completely-unbearable looking new movie, The Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, but the hosts of GMA…   Read Story »
All you should know before watching the trailer for Tiptoes is that it's an ACTUAL MOVIE from 2003 and not some fake trailer from Tropic Thunder, and that it stars Kate Beckinsale, Matthew…   Read Story »
I feel that for the most part what Matthew McConaughey does in his spare time has no effect on my life. If he wants to take off all his shirts and do suicide sprints down the beach before a quick set…   Read Story »
There is now a trailer for Surfer Dude, the movie Matthew McConaughey was filming when the great surfer/paparazzi war of June 22nd and 23rd threatened to tear Malibu asunder, and I can't tell if the…   Read Story »
After hitting the top spot for a week, The Bucket List slipped down to number three in DVD sales because everyone started buying Fool's Gold? Warner Home Video's "Fool's Gold" topped the national…   Read Story »
As Matthew McConaughey surfed peacefully in the Malibu waves yesterday, a ragtag gang of over a dozen fellow surfers attempted to use force and violence to take back the beach from the paparazzi…   Read Story »
Just Jared reports that Matthew McConaughey's brother, Rooster McConaughey, has signed on to participate in a new reality TV show: Pipe supplier Rooster McConaughey aka Matthew McConaughey's older…   Read Story »