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Ben Affleck took his daughters to visit a Farmers' Market. Awww. Nothing hotter than supporting family farms! -BuzzFeedCeleb Let's Compare: Paul F. Tompkins vs. Jeff Goldblum -TheStray Here are…   Read Story »
We all wonder what Joey's been up to these days. We all wonder if Ross ever got the respect he deserved from Phoebe for being a paleontologist, and if Monica and Chandler's children inherited…   Read Story »
Vanity Fair has an extensive oral history of Friends that you can currently read on-line. It's mostly a behind-the-scenes look at how former president of NBC Warren Littlefield and Jennifer Aniston…   Read Story »
Matt LeBlanc has a new show coming to Showtime this January called Episodes. The premise is that Showtime is adapting an award-winning British show for an American audience, and Matt LeBlanc is being…   Read Story »
Here is the first trailer for Episodes, a new Showtime show in which Matt LeBlanc plays himself. It looks pretty great. But at a certain point, the ouroboros of modern "meta" narratives is going to…   Read Story »
I recently experienced a generation gap at a viewing party for the season premiere of The Pick Up Artist when I mentioned Bill Cosby's Picture Pages and was greeted by a silent room of blank faces.…   Read Story »
Nevermind what Ricky Van Veen was doing on the Joey wikipedia page. There are certainly not going to be any judgments from me. But someone out there in Wikipedia land took the time to reveal the…   Read Story »
The Friends movie rumor is out there again and it's a holiday week so everyone is acting like it could be real, so I'll act like it could be real: Cast members Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox,…   Read Story »