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Takers trailer, you guys: Between yesterday's poster (There's Something Wrong With Takers) and this, it seems pretty clear that Hollywood's cut and paste button (it's a button now) is completely…   Read Story »
We have seen some pretty poorly Photoshopped movie posters in the past, but I think that this Takers poster is the saddest of the whole bunch. There is phoning it in, and then there is this. I mean,…   Read Story »
There are two movies coming out this fall that have terribly dumb plot conceits. One is a horror movie featuring Katrina Bowden (Cerie on 30 Rock) called The Shortcut, and the other is an…   Read Story »
When I told a friend of mine that we were going to be talking about Crash this week, the race one, not the fetish sex one, my friend said that it didn't belong in this Hunt. She said that everyone…   Read Story »