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There are certain things that become so ingrained into our popular culture that we cannot imagine a time when they didn't exist, and yet there was a time when they were wholly new. The image of Santa…   Read Story »
This "Star Wars Call Me Maybe" video has been online for a whole month, and it has more than 6 million views, and yet somehow, the implosive black hole that we all would have assumed this video would…   Read Story »
A mash-up of the creeptown trailer for We Need to Talk About Kevin and scenes from Home Alone, obviously. Fuller, go easy on the Internet.   Read Story »
To be completely honest, this mash-up isn't that much better than the original. I mean, they are both equally great. Love you, goth dudes! Dance to everything, please! (Thanks for the tip, brrrrrian.)   Read Story »
This is OUR generation's this. (Via TheUniblog.)   Read Story »
You know what is weird? Meeting people who don't spend every waking second on the Internet is weird. Like, your family, probably. Or the waitstaff at a diner. (Those are the two types of people that…   Read Story »
This is a 10 minute silent montage of decontextualized photos of celebrites' feet on the red carpet. That's what that is.   Read Story »
Now you know how to dance to dub step, Rudy. (Via Vulture.)   Read Story »
You ain't got no job. You ain't got shit to do. P.S. Before you tell me that this video is old and that you have already seen it, let me remind you that it is, in fact, Friday, so you need to…   Read Story »