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People think that Macaulay Culkin is on drugs just because he really looks like he's on drugs, but what I have to say is: What if that's just what he looks like? The poor guy! Wakes up every day and…   Read Story »
It looks like Martin Starr is going to be on next season of Community! That's really great news! I love both of those things! -Vulture Also, here are some more Community bloopers!…   Read Story »
IFC has announced that it has picked up the rights to re-air Freaks and Geeks, and also Undeclared (including a never-before-seen episode). This is great news for people who like those shows, or for…   Read Story »
The second season of Party Down begins tonight on Starz. Which is great news for the 10 people who actually subscribe to Starz. But for the rest of us, there is still good news, which is that you can…   Read Story »
Kind of. Basically Martin Starr has made a list of songs. You have to make the tape yourself. But: Bill Haverchuck!   Read Story »
You want a hand-drawn Bill Haverchuck GIF? Sure.   Read Story »
Are you watching Party Down yet? This Friday, the funniest show currently on TV has its Season 1 finale. Here's a clip of Jennifer Coolidge (Bobbie) explaining why she accidentally made "that Nazi…   Read Story »
In celebration of Party Down's Season 2 renewal, here's the video that co-creator Rob Thomas made to pitch the show to networks before it was eventually bought by Starz. It has a lot of familiar…   Read Story »
Co-creator Rob Thomas says in an interview that the best new show on TV, Party Down, looks like it will be renewed for a second season. First Eastbound And Down, now this. Good triumphs over evil,…   Read Story »
Over on Stereogum: a randomish assortment of comedy people -- Fred Armisen, Charlyne Yi, and Martin Starr star in Man Man's new video for "Rabbit Habits."   Read Story »