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An 8-year-old in Colorado Springs dressed up as Martin Luther King Jr. for a school project, including painting his face, which I'm not even going to call blackface even though I know I called it…   Read Story »
In remembrance of the important message of Martin Luther King Jr, Copper Cab apologizes for slavery. Right. Needless to say, this video is mildly NSFW (headphones UP) and unmildly INSANE. Yay!…   Read Story »
There are few people in history more remarkable and inspiring than Martin Luther King Jr., both for his courage in the face of violent persecution, and his message of hope, tolerance, love, and…   Read Story »
The internet has been a lot of fun, you guys. We've all had some laughs and found true love. But if we agree that the internet has at this point become a source for distraction that relies on an…   Read Story »