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Joel McHale revealed in a recent interview that, once Community comes back, one of the characters is going to die! Oh noooooo! BUT WHICH ONE? He said it's none of the main characters so it's probably…   Read Story »
Is everybody excited for Valentine's Day? Is everyone saying "YESSSSSSSS" right now? "Yessss, I love writing a card for someone and eating dinner or just not doing anythingggggg." Is that what you're…   Read Story »
Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: you excited for valentine's day? Gabe: the most magical day of the year? Kelly: Uh duh yeah hello Kelly: I love love Kelly: And I love celebrating…   Read Story »
After the jump, I have a clip from the Martha Stewart Living show in which Martha Stewart pole dances. For those of you who do not know who Martha Stewart is, she is a 68-year-old ex-convict business…   Read Story »
Christina Hendricks appeared on Martha, and then things got kind of uncomfortable. The "I thought you were so much older" line is a total diss. If only Christina Hendricks had had the foresight to…   Read Story »
Look, I didn't watch the SuperBowl, I just enjoyed the margaritas at a SuperBowl party. But if someone had told me that Paul Rudd (and Tina Fey!) would be in a SuperBowl commercial (well, an NBC…   Read Story »
All of the previous seasons of Top Chef have aired in the spring, so this is the first season in which they've had to put on holiday specials. Well, last year there was a Top Chef holiday special,…   Read Story »
Snoop Dogg was a guest on Martha Stewart, easily making him the second best Martha guest of all time, after Amy Sedaris, or Sedizzle, or whatever.   Read Story »
We've all been there: sitting around the TV, frosting cupcakes with our best friend, watching our domestic goddess mom on her successful TV show and complaining loudly and unfunnily about our…   Read Story »
Let's just settle this primary nonsense and put a Blank in the White House. She's qualified. Just read the new Onion AV Club interview with Amy Sedaris. Let me just say this, there's no such thing as…   Read Story »