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"I'm kind of old fashioned. Like, I wouldn't mind having a wife at home whose job was just to take care of the house and the kids, and pursue whatever kind of hobbies or personal interests that…   Read Story »
From the website: Almost everyone knows the silent but deadly effects of flatulence on relationships. For couples, nothing can spoil the romantic aura more quickly! It can be funny but it can…   Read Story »
OMFGICBIYG, Are you dying because Twilight: Eclipse isn't out yet? Are you just DYING? Do you sit up at night wondering why the world is so unfair and doesn't make any sense and why people seem…   Read Story »
What a beautiful ceremony. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TWO! (Via FourFour.)   Read Story »
Remember that dude who posted a video of his wife crying at the end of Return of the Jedi? Well, he has created a whole website. Of videos. Of his wife crying. Because basically he is YOUR husband.   Read Story »
Supposedly this is a video of a woman crying at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. But it's hard to tell. She might be crying because she clearly has the Best Husband in the Whole World. What…   Read Story »
When you're in a serious relationship, you often develop an affection for the other person's flaws as well as their charms. You realize at a certain point that you are in love with the whole package…   Read Story »
It is a cold and unforgiving world out there, so who are we to judge whether or not it is OK or "weird" for a grown man to marry a Nintendo DS Lite videogame character? We all live in glass houses,…   Read Story »
Uh...from the New York Post: Jon Gosselin, Kevin Federline and Michael Lohan were in talks to live together and be filmed round-the-clock for a reality show, "The Divorced Dads' Club." But, as Page…   Read Story »