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The question that was on every kid's fruit punch-tinted, cold weather-chapped lips ahead of the announcement of this year's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards host was, of course, "How is the…   Read Story »
Here is your first look at Mr. and Ms. 50 Shades of Grey. Is it just how you pictured them?! -Pajiba It looks like FXX's Totally Biased has been canceled. Weird how moving it to a new network that…   Read Story »
All the way back in January, we got word that our favorite hamburger restaurant Wahlburgers, brilliantly named after its founding family, was in the process of filming its own reality show. Only the…   Read Story »
Aimee Mann went to brunch with Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, and Amy Poehler over the weekend. What a dream! YOU HAD ME AT BRUNCH! (Brunch with Aimee Mann.) -AimeeMann Mark Wahlberg has shared in…   Read Story »
I'm currently sitting in a cafe near a 30-something grown-up man wearing a sweater with cats stitched into it, so you can tell how MY day is going. (That's a lie, you can't, I just told you a…   Read Story »
Michael Bay posted this perfect photo recently on I know you might be thinking, "Uh, why do we need to caption this perfect photo of Michael Bay and the cast and crew of Transformers…   Read Story »
Oh, what a week. We got a new Doctor Who, it was the O.C.'s tenth anniversary, Mark Wahlberg got mistaken for Matt Damon, some of us watched The Canyons, which was a mistake -- I can hardly believe…   Read Story »
From LAist: "Mark Wahlberg played it very cool when a fan mistook him for another well-known Boston actor, Matt Damon. The fan and her friends posed with Wahlberg and then shared photos of their…   Read Story »
My prediction for my review of Pain & Gain was that it would be one sentence long, and that sentence would be: "This movie is perfect." At dinner with a friend before the movie, he said that he was…   Read Story »
Man, I cannot get enough of this clip! WHERE HAVE YOU GIF ALL MY LIFE? Please take a walk down last four days memory lane with me as we stroll past GIFs of all the wonderful stories we experienced…   Read Story »