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I'm not sure what Tina Turner was talking about when she sang "We Don't Need Another Hero." Are you crazy, Tina Turner! We need SO MANY other heroes! We're running through the heroes we've got at…   Read Story »
Mark Gormley felt the cold door of ancient history closing on him as 2009 ended, but Mark Gormley stood up and said "NOT TODAY."   Read Story »
Dear You Guys, So for the past 15 months I've gotten to help plan and launch a totally unique new website, working with a team made up entirely of people who were already my friends on an idea so…   Read Story »
Ooh, ooh, there's a new video from The Uncharted Zone, the Pensacola-based show that brought the world Mark Gormley! A gentleman named Wilk Mckean, better known as "Dr. Breeze," has put his own…   Read Story »
Notoriously reclusive musician, videomaker, and YouTube superstar Mark Gormley has really made it now: he has his own fan-made tribute video! I would like to see Will Ferrell do this on SNL, but I…   Read Story »
Can you believe it's been just SIX WEEKS since the world discovered Pensacola, Florida's magnificent musician and music video star Mark Gormley? In that time, Mark's videos have skyrocketed him to…   Read Story »
Oh my gosh! It's been less than two weeks since the Greatest Tipster In The World, Denise, discovered the unknown YouTube videos of one Mark Gormley and sent them to us, prompting this blogger to ask…   Read Story »
Thanks to this week's Ultimate Tipping Champion, Denise, for this incredible music video of a High School Science teacher (my guess) singing his original soft metal masterpiece, "Without You," about…   Read Story »