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Obviously, this movie is insane. The plot is that Melissa Joan Hart kidnaps Mario Lopez at gunpoint on Christmas Eve and Stockholm Syndromes him into breaking off his current engagement and being…   Read Story »
It's the holidays. You know, I know it, Mario Lopez knows it. Courtney Stodden definitely knows it, wherever she is. One look outside my window to the beautiful Brooklyn wintertime scene -- 60…   Read Story »
The cover of this week's People magazine features the Saved by the Bell reunion photo of our hopes and dreams. Or at least of someone's hopes and dreams. Personally I do not understand the Saved by…   Read Story »
CBS had an "April Fool's Day Special" last night called I Get That A Lot that was a surprise ratings hit. It's the exact same thing as Punk'd, but reversed: celebrities work menial jobs and are…   Read Story »
If you look like Mario Lopez but are even dumber than Mario Lopez, craigslist has a great job opportunity. Mario Lopez look-a-like Needed for ESPN Films (SoHo) We need a young 20s model/actor for…   Read Story »