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Mariah Carey on the set of her new music video is your boyfriend. Basically you two are in love. Big time.   Read Story »
In a recent interview, Mariah Carey has a whole new theory on why her movie Glitter was a disaster, and it's basically her senior thesis paper for Logic University. From Celebitchy (via ONTD): "That…   Read Story »
Today is a historic day, you guys. Voters are expected to turn out in record numbers. Barack Obama might be the first African American President of the United States. If John McCain were to win, he…   Read Story »
"40 years later. Nomi Malone returns to Las Vegas once again to 'make it,' but unfortunately her knees have given out, OR SOMETHING (note for director: backstory?) so all she is capable of doing is…   Read Story »
Rich Four Four was constantly being asked about his fascination with Mariah Carey. He tried to explain it in words, but people just stared at him blankly, the way Mariah Carey might if asked a…   Read Story »
At first glance, this version of Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" video (the one with Jack McBrayer as the nerd) in which everything but Mariah (including her hands) is replaced by a green screen looks…   Read Story »
Oh good, just what we needed, a second trailer for You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Can someone tell me what's wrong with this movie. I mean, obviously it's terrible. But it was written by Robert…   Read Story »
MTV buried the lede on this one. When "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner isn't busy with big-screen projects, he takes a trip to the small screen -- at least when Mariah Carey comes calling. The…   Read Story »
Finally, it's here! Womp womp. Oh well. It seemed like a dream team, Mariah Carey and Jack McBrayer could have been our generation's Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, or at least this year's…   Read Story »