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Law & Order aired their Paula Deen/Trayvon Martin crossover episode last night. Did you watch it? I was unable to watch it, but it looks like it was, ah, something! -BuzzFeed Top Chef is back,…   Read Story »
Here is an illustration of The Muppets + Drive, for some reason. Don't show it to babies! -LaughingSquid Oh, great! Maria Bamford plays herself and her mother in her new web series for My Damn…   Read Story »
Check out Scott Disick’s Teen Romance Novel Cover from his child modeling days! He looks pretty much the same. -BuzzFeed Tis the season for new Breaking Bad valentines. Give them to someone you…   Read Story »
Here is a picture of Rebel Wilson being manhandled in this month's issue of Details. And here she is hanging out with a bunch of kangaroos. Both things sound pretty good to me! -ONTD Guess who has…   Read Story »
It looks like Megan might be competing against Peggy for a Leading Actress Emmy this year! Maybe! If they both get nominations! Though I bet Megan doesn't even want a Leading Actress Emmy, even…   Read Story »
Movieline did a "Bad Movies We Love" feature about New York Minute! More like "classic movies we love that we all saw in theaters." Remember when Mary Kate's band played "Suffragette City" at the…   Read Story »
I guess I am a little late on this, but Target is running a series of holiday ads starring Maria Bamford, and they are so weird and hilarious! Like, if you don't know who Maria Bamford is (and if…   Read Story »
You can download a free one hour Christmas Special from Maria Bamford here. TREAT YOURSELF!   Read Story »
The Opener is a web show in which a low-status opening comedian named Jim Tews asks headliners for advice. In this episode, Maria Bamford uses "schematics" to show him the secrets to comedy success.…   Read Story »
Via CC Insider, genius comic Maria Bamford calls out 99% of "women's comedy" with a few well-placed words. "I'm empty inside I'm a husk I can't feel my hands!" She's like the Carlos Mencia of funny…   Read Story »