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Hey guys! How was everyone's day today? I hope yours is going well, but no matter how well it's going I don't think it could be going any better than Manti Te'o's. I'm sorry! That's just how the…   Read Story »
Terry Richardson photographed Paul Rudd and his mom. Strange but okay! -TerrysDiary Birth Control On The Bottom Yogurt combines everything that is important to women* into one handy snack.…   Read Story »
Betty White Turns 91 (Happy birthday Betty!) And Is Still The Cutest Person On The Planet! Here Are 25 Pics To Prove It (Pictured: Betty with her wax statue at Madame Tussaud's) -BestWeekEver Why…   Read Story »
It has been brought to my attention that people are "frustrated" (I'm not even sure if that is one of the words that has been used, but it is the biggest word I am willing to give to this "emotion")…   Read Story »