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Since we all have magic on the brain these days (none of us have magic on the brain), here's a video that will teach you how to get in on the act: (via Max Silvestri) You know, extra candy in…   Read Story »
The only good thing that could possibly come out of conceptual train wreck Celebracadabra is this behind-the-scenes footage (warning: endless profanity): I love how this is Ant's way of making…   Read Story »
David Blaine is your boyfriend, and he's going to perform his next magic trick on Oprah today. The AP has an article about it. I'm posting a long excerpt because there are so many things wrong with…   Read Story »
Have you ever noticed how Flavor Flav is an underdeveloped man-child, like some kind of pre-pubescent clock enthusiast who just discovered that sometimes his pee-pee gets hard? And have you ever…   Read Story »