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OMG, this baby has NO idea that she can't eat a magazine!!! It's like, baby, what are you even thinking?!! GIRL. You know we all wanna eat food out of magazines and we're all just hanging on by a…   Read Story »
Sometimes you'll hear about a celebrity (used here in the broadest terms) doing something that a few years earlier you would not have guessed that they would be reduced to doing, and for a moment you…   Read Story »
Top that. (Thanks for the tip, Dusty.)   Read Story »
Hahahahahah. TIME. 2. GET. RIPPED. "If you want great delts, be a CGI superhero-slash-supervillain-depending-on-your-mercurial-motivations-in-this-or-that-storyline!"   Read Story »
There is no doubt in my mind that people growing up today are going to have a much different relationship with technology than people growing up when I grew up (two years ago) and people growing up…   Read Story »
Whoa. This photo of Angelina Jolie from the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair in which she is whispering into the ear of her one child who will definitely grow up normal and well-adjusted for sure while…   Read Story »
Q: American or cheddar? A: Cheddar. Medium rare, please. And more!   Read Story »
Most people, when they get their weekly email newsletter from Gwyneth Paltrow explaining where to find the best pewter sink fixtures for the guest bathroom at your French estate probably think to…   Read Story »
The Internet will continue to sit quietly and wait for an apology from whoever did this.   Read Story »
Who knows anymore. WHO EVEN KNOWS? This is the cover of the second issue of Candy magazine, the self-proclaimed "First Transversal Style Magazine" featuring James Franco dressed as a lady (FOR LACK…   Read Story »