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Somehow this four-day week felt like a FOURTEEN-day week, didn't it? My goodness. So many things happened during it. Peggy SPOILER ALERTED. Joan SPOILER ALERTED for a 5% share in the company. Blake…   Read Story »
"We thought it was perfect. Frankly, we still use sexual threats and coded prostitution as a regular part of our business to this very day! That show never misses a detail."…   Read Story »
I stand by my assertion 1000 percent and will LAY DOWN MY LIFE in its defense that the first double-length episode of this season of Mad Men; was just straight up Bad Television. The pacing was off,…   Read Story »
With this week, we begin the long summer of our Thursday-night-TVless GIF roundup. How will we even survive? What other GIFs do we even LIKE? (Just kidding. We like all the GIFs. They're all great!)…   Read Story »
Don is back! Right? Don is back! He took his jacket off, so that means he's back! (Joan is also back, I think. She threw a model airplane at a secretary, so she's back.) Oh, and Kinsey is definitely…   Read Story »
Wow, what a long week! I only wish that, to close out this week, we had a million upfronts GIFs. GIFs from the clips that were shared AND GIFs from the presentations. Just little sometimes to…   Read Story »
That episode felt kind of all over the place, didn't it? This season has felt a bit different from any other because each episode has held a close focus on only a few story lines, but last night we…   Read Story »
It looks like Megan might be competing against Peggy for a Leading Actress Emmy this year! Maybe! If they both get nominations! Though I bet Megan doesn't even want a Leading Actress Emmy, even…   Read Story »
Wow, it's already time to wrap up the week in GIFs! So much happened this week, and I feel like it all flew right by in a GIF. Hahahahahahahahaha. Very good one. Props where they're deserved -- to…   Read Story »
Alec Trebeck is thinking about retiring from hosting Jeopardy! What is an idea that makes sense because how long have you been hosting that show, INFINITY? -TheHollywoodReporter Tonight is the…   Read Story »